Friday, February 26, 2016

Using aliases

If you are linux user and new to linux. Aliases can make terimnal your one stop shop for anything.

1. Simple way:

Go to ~/.bashrc

alias willrememberyou='cd gothere; sh runfirstsciprt; cd gosomewhereelse; sh  al'

2. To list aliases use alias and all aliases will be listed.


alias command will list all aliases in your system
3. Use one alias in another

alias anAlias='anotherAlias hello' 
 alias anotherAlias='echo'

4. Unalias

 unalias anotherAlias

Will remove the alias.

5. Session vs permanent aliases

alias anAlias='cd theDir' 
Will only create an alias for the shell session.

If you want to make it permanent,

Put it in ~/.bashrc

To make it available for all users put it in:



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